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He dares to counsel patients who have exhausted all other forms of treatment…

and he succeeds!” Dr. Gerald A. Fulton

I've seen Flavio for two sessions so far and each one of those sessions have been like being in therapy for years. I felt very comfortable opening up to him and found our sessions extremely helpful.

Forever grateful of meeting this man. He has helped me find a way out of the dark. I am looking forward to my future again and have stopped looking back for excuses. The possibilities are limitless. The understanding of physical and emotional pain alone have helped me to self detox from an opioid addiction from the results of a car accident. That had been going on for over 2 years. All that has happened has happened and my journey is now hopeful and exciting! Thank you Flavio! Forever grateful!

Flavio is amazing. Highly recommended. Three sessions with him and my “presenting problems” are no longer barriers. Flavio showed me that I can hold on to the learning from past experiences, but I don’t have to hold onto pain. If you are ready to take responsibility for yourself, stop blaming others for your unhappiness - regardless of your situation - contact Flavio (I’m a Toronto-based therapist with a training background in CBT and DBT).

I have been seeing Flavio since February and he has enormously helped my well being. Struggling with a cancer diagnosis, had put me in a very anxious state and negatively effected my very moment. I would wake up thinking about the disease, and start my day depressed and anxious. Flavio was a major vehicle in helping me find true peace and love which in return has taken away 95 percent of my anxiety. He knows the truth and tells it like it is. If you truly have your heart open to heal, he has the tools to help you. If you think that he has a magic wand and will fix your problems that way, you are in the wrong place here. I highly recommend Flavio to people who really want to put their ego aside and get long lasting results from his help. A good loving, caring, truthful man.

Flavio's techniques, knowledge and process have been life changing for me! He has eradicated many prolonged deeply embedded undesirable feelings, beliefs and negative thinking and language patterns I have carried with me for far too long. He assisted with replacing them with positive and firmly impressed language and belief patterns which have brought me incredible peace and greater well being. He is an incredible teacher and has imparted so much knowledge to me and life-changing strategies. I have been to many therapists and counselors over my adult life and nothing comes close to the deep and lasting work Flavio and I have done. I can’t thank him enough for the gift of peace and for finally helping me to finally look forward to the future, free of trauma.

Working with Flavio has been amazing. I left each session feeling great and the progress has lasted. I felt deeply understood by Flavio and he brought understanding and reassurance to the areas of focus we worked on. I have recommended Flavio to my girlfriend and other family members and will definitely be working with him again.

As a last resort following a car accident I was introduced to hypnotherapy to manage severe agoraphobia, anxiety and chronic pain. To my surprise, as I was very skeptical, Flavio immediately made me feel comfortable and relaxed. He took the time to understand the issues I was having then worked towards helping me manage my negative emotions. He also helped with the stress of my current situation both mentally and physically. I would recommend Flavio to anyone... yes to all of you out there with the same 'that would never happen to me' attitude that I had. I would also like to add that although I did not seek help to quit smoking.. I haven't touched a cigarette in the last year. Thank you Flavio.

Through Flavio’s therapy, I came to see myself not as a victim but as a true survivor. My most important realization has been that I need to love myself first before I can allow someone else to love me. I have also come to understand the law of attraction which is how positive thoughts attract positive thoughts and negative thoughts attract more negative thoughts. With Flavio’s guidance, I am learning to be more positive and to focus on things that I already have in my life instead of things that I don’t.

Not only has Flavio helped me through my issues but helped turn around the life of numerous members of my family and friends. We all agree that you must go with an open mind and willingness to help yourself. If you follow this little hint you are in excellent hands!

When I first met Flavio I was lost, I had no idea who he was and to be honest, I had no idea whether or not he could help me. Unlike other professionals that I have met for the first time there was something about him that made me feel confident in telling him the things that troubled me. After working with Flavio while implying his monumental philosophy of “focusing on the things you want and watching the things you don’t want disappear”, I have been cast into one of my first professional acting roles. A feet that I would have never aspired to pursue without having worked with Flavio. I will always be grateful to him for all he has done for me. He is truly an inspirational man and more than that. It takes quite a confident man to be able to see the real things that bother someone and decide to tackle them head on. I carry his teachings with me everywhere I go. It is this new learned mentality that is taking me to places I only dreamed of and I’m only going further as my timeline progresses. Thank you Flavio!


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